Charlie Jacobs


“The great question we all ask ourselves at some point is:  “Why am I here?  What is my life’s purpose?”.  I know that question well.  In August 2010 – I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the answer …”  Charlie Jacobs

It has been 10 years since Charlie was diagnosed as HIV positive.  A decade during which he tried to understand what that meant, tried to fight going on ARVs, scared to make a lifetime’s commitment to the medication.  For him …  a whole decade passed:  spent hanging out with his good friend “denial”.  Ten long years of drugs use and abuse. Read Charlie’s story on our Heroes page …  how he went from a CD4 count of 29, and weight loss of  18 kgs in August 2010 to being one of the finalists of Mr Gay South Africa in October 2011.

And how that journey brought him closer to fulfilling his purpose in life.

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