101 Conversations

We are working to further expand the scope of our Campaign of Hope through a dynamic, interactive, inexpensive to user, mobile phone/mms/mixit platform.

Our idea is to harness the power of the cell-phone (everybody has one!) and create an anonymous chat room facility for people living with HIV.

This platform will be a world first, and will enable people affected by HIV to contact each other and create networks and peer-support groups. Helping to end the sense of isolation that so many people suffer when they discover their positive statud

101 Conversations will also serve as a centre of support and information on all aspects of living with HIV for all South Africans. Not only for people living with the virus, but also those who live with, know and support them. All content will link back to the Positive Heroes website.

We aim for 101 Conversations to:

  • create anonymous chat rooms – allowing people to benefit from support, pooled knowledge and shared information
  • provide a peer-to-peer counseling platform – where the individual can chat safely and anonymously
  • deliver mass information for positive living – sms reminders for ARV adherence, updates on developments in the HIV world, clinic appointment reminders and messages from Heroes and supporters
  • link patients and clinics
  • provide information on testing centres

101 Conversations is currently in development stages, and we are looking for funding to help us get this initiative off the ground. If you are interested in this initiative and feel you can help please contact us.