A Message from the Directors

Kids on beach PH t-shirts:older kid in fore 2008 copy_2We have achieved a lot in five years – and are proud of being part of a movement that has seen people living with HIV become role models both in their communities and nationally.

Positive Heroes’ approach of solution-focused messaging highlights hope and decreases stigma and fear. With your support the charity has helped to ensure that those marginalized by HIV are better equipped to respond to the challenges they face.

Given the on-going financial environment and the difficulty in attracting reliable funding, without moving to a model of operation that requires a heavy allocation of time and resources to administration and fundraising, we feel this is the right time to down-scale our efforts. With this new focus we will no longer be accepting funding nor actively pursuing new initiatives as we wind down our formal operations; but we will still be there for anyone seeking information or support. We will maintain our website and answer every request for help that comes directly to us. Positive Heroes will be just an email away.

Thank you for being such an instrumental part of Positive Heroes and we hope that you are as proud as we are, of all that we have achieved.

We could not have done any of this without you – thank you for being our Heroes!

Reon, Brooke, Gavin and Sue

Evelina Tshabalala laughing on beach 2009-005570 copy_2

Evelina Tshabalala, our founding Hero.