Local Heroes

All the Positive Heroes are change-makers; working directly within their own communities. They share their stories, provide peer counselling, help support groups, introduce fitness activities, create trench gardens and share one-to-one advice and encouragement.  All of which is especially important in very rural areas where the usual support structures do not exist. Our Heroes are open about their status and work towards demystifying HIV and normalising it as a chronic, manageable disease.

Positive Heroes is fundraising to be able to support these Local Heroes with HIV/Aids Treatment Literacy training, leadership development, instruction on how to create trench gardens, basic book-keeping and reporting skills, and provide small volunteer amounts to help them cover basic expenses.

Our aim is to deliver small-scale community-specific and community-driven interventions: designed, delivered and implemented “by people on the ground, for people on the ground”.

In addition we anticipate that the Heroes own leadership, and communication skills development will have a beneficial impact both to themselves and their communities beyond the scope and timeline of this project

Positive Heroes desperately needs sponsorship and funding to cover training, airtime so the Heroes can communicate with and support each other, and all the gardening supplies.

Please contact us if you can help.