Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Each year a wonderful group of ladies linked to the Worcester Medi-Clinic put their knitting needles together and hand-knit Teddy Bears. In 2010, these ladies lovingly created over 300 teddies for youngsters living with HIV. Each bear is different, each with it’s own personality, colours and look – just like the kids. We even had a squad of World Cup Teddies – representing all the nations that had played in South Africa in 2010.

In December, 220 of these Bears made their way to The Beautiful Gate, which offers an HIV/AIDS Pediatric clinic to the families and children of Crossroads area, outside of Cape Town (www.beautifulgate.org/). Here they were by joined Father Christmas at the organization’s Christmas party. Dr Vaughan Stannard, Executive Director of Beautiful Gate, takes up the story:

“We initially thought only the younger kids would enjoy receiving the teddies, but, in fact, they are such a precious gift, that even the older children were overjoyed. Many of the children in this area have not received many gifts in their life and there’s something so special about receiving one of these cuddly homemade gifts of love. Thank you all for taking the time to invest in the lives of these children. May God bless you!”

Easter 2011 saw the rest of the bears travel to the Kidzpositive Pediatric HIV/Aids clinic at Groote Schuur Hospital. Accompanied by the Positive Heroes Ultra-Marathon team and The Easter Bunny, the bears all went to brand new loving homes. And joined their new families for a bit of an Easter party.  Kidzpositive cares for kids with the disease and they also help their parents to earn a living through their Positive Beadwork Project.

Find this great organization and check out their work at http://www.kidzpositive.org/

If you would like to become one of our knitters, donate to the Teddy Bear’s Picnic or ask the Bears to visit your organisation: please click here