“So one day, I simply opened my profile and changed the heading to: “HIV+ healthy man”.

It was a big step.  I was not sure what the response would be, but to my astonishment, I started receiving messages from guys saying how brave I was in coming out with my status”

On the face of it – I am a regular South African guy, but the way my story turned out is anything but regular.

My name is Trevor Kleinhans.  I was born in 1962, and I had made a success of my life.  In 2003 I was 41 years old and the Managing Director of a large listed Warehousing & Distribution Company.  I was successful and happy and I thought I had conquered life.

Then suddenly my life started going down hill at one hell of a pace.  I had recently formed a business partnership, and needed to go for blood tests for a large life insurance policy.  One of those was an HIV test.  And that test came back positive. I went straight into denial.  Followed closely by drug addiction.

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