Billboards in Cape Town


Positive Heroes Billboard Campaign for 6 Months!




In partnership with Qualsa and Metropolitan Health Group, Positive Heroes unveiled 8 billboards on Adderley Street in Cape Town with messages of hope from the Heroes portrayed. The messages included: “Love yourself enough to live”; “HIV is a small part of you, don’t make it who you are”; “Tell someone and be free” and “Never be ashamed”. The campaign demonstrates how Positive Heroes seeks to convey real messages of hope from people living extraordinary lives whilst managing their HIV.




The billboards show South Africans from a range of communities, whom ‘people on the street’ can identify with and help increase the personal relevance of HIV. We hope to boost the public’s willingness and ability to discuss HIV in relation to positive statements about HIV including: knowing your status; disclosure; positive self image and making a choice to live positively.