Robertson clinic

Positive Heroes is all about incredible individuals telling their stories to people to spread messages of hope and reminding people that living with HIV doesn’t mean you need to give up on life. On 6th December, Ultra-Marathon Team member, Willie Engelbrecht, visited the Bergsig Clinic which is in his home town of Robertson. Here, Sue Wildish tells us about her experience of attending the event:

“Positive Heroes visited the Bergsig Clinic in Robertson yesterday for an HIV/TB Awareness event. I did a general chat about disclosure and stigma. And Willie, their guest of honour for the day, told his story.

“It was one of those events that make me so happy that do what I do. This community – ravaged by poverty, HIV, TB, diabetes and drug/alcohol abuse – is served by a clinic manned by 8 dedicated staffers… who deal with everything from testing, treatment, hospice care, through forensic medicine. They were blunt, outspoken, honest, open, generous, gentle, hilarious – but most of all – each one of them shone with pride in what they do. There was real passion in each of them.

“Their patients packed the room to the rafters, kids pressing their noses against the windows. The children from their outreach program provided the entertainment, a marching band, spoken word poetry, singer, dancers, actors, drum majorettes…”

“I had a fantastic time. Willie was incredible – by turns serious, raunchy, emotional. He taught them so much yesterday – I don’t think anyone could have done more. What a morning …. This is why we do what we do. Sue.”