Move! Magazine – Khosi’s Note


This is an extract from Khosi’s editorial in Move! Magazine (29 October 2008):


“Every once in while you come across something you instinctively know you need to be part of. This is exactly what happened when I first heard about Positive Heroes. This project has touched me deeply – as I am sure it will touch all of you. The fact is that most of us know or have buried someone who has died because of HIV/Aids. We know it exists. What we need to do is to change our views and attitudes towards HIV/Aids. This starts with something as simple as the way we speak about it. Some people won’t even say HIV, they lower their voices and say “amagama amathathu” or “Z3”. How do you fight something which you can’t even bring yourself to say? How do you learn more when you still believe you’ve been bewitched? Positive Heroes shows how HIV/ Aids is nothing more than a manage-able condition and that you have the power to decide how you choose to see the condition. You can choose to hide away in shame, which will only worsen your condition, or you can accept that you have HIV and adopt a new positive lifestyle. As of this week, we will be show-casing a Positive Hero in Move! magazine once every month. See page 16 for Evelina’s amazing story. If there is someone like this in your area, please let us know so we can feature them too.”