President Zuma says: "We must break the stigma surrounding AIDS"


Positive Heroes applauds President Zuma’s landmark speech, made in the National Council of Provinces on HIV/AIDS on 29 October 2009, in which he acknowledged that the fear and shame that have surrounded the epidemic must be overcome.


In his speech, President Zuma said: “All South Africans must know that they are at risk and must take informed decisions to reduce their vulnerability to infection, or, if infected, to slow the advance of the disease. Most importantly, all South Africans need to know their HIV status, and be informed of the treatment options available to them.


Though it poses a grave threat to the well-being of our nation, HIV and AIDS should be treated like any other disease. There should be no shame, no discrimination, no recriminations. We must break the stigma surrounding AIDS.”


Positive Heroes believe’s that all South Africans should feel secure accessing testing, treatment, care and support without fear, shame or discrimination.