Mr Sibanda

I am 53-year old man who tested HIV positive in 2001. I learned about my status after a long period of illness.

While I was sick, I was so desperate that I took any treatment that was offered to me. I went to different traditional healers and was given different treatments by them all, but nothing changed. I didn’t get any better.   I realized that I needed to do something immediately and so I decided to go to Mkoba 1 Clinic for an HIV test.   And the test came positive.

It has been 11 years since then and I live my life positively every day.  I am now taking ARVs and I feel fit and well.

My advice to everyone in the world is:  go and get tested early – don’t delay.  It will save your life.

Mr Sibanda is from Gweru Zimbabwe and is a member of the Nothando Positive Heroes Support Group and supports our partner organisation All About Love Trust Zimbabwe