Khuthala Makeleni

“I am what I am, stronger than ever”

I am a young lady living with HIV. I was diagnosed with HIV on the 30th of May, 2004. I do enjoy life as a young person. I didn’t expect this because I was not sick when I went for Voluntary Councelling and testing. The reason why I did the test was that I was having a problem of Sexual Transmitted Infection. I joined TAC as a volunteer I get one week training and information on HIV/AIDS.

I went to the clinic to check my CD4 count. I did get the results that my CD4 count was 118 in 2004. I told the Counsellor, I’m not ready to start ARV’s yet. The Counsellor told me about the risk of not taking ARV’s when you are having a low CD4 count. I decided to take the ARV’s in May 2006 because of getting information about ARV’s. I did disclose to my family and friends. My family was very supportive and caring. I am healthy, strong person. I’ve been diagnosed with TB in December 2006. I was not sick but having symptoms of TB. I started TB treatment in January and finished in June 2007

I am independent, single not married yet. I have a daughter, she is 10 years old doing grade four. I did not have any problems about disclosure because I got information at Yabonga. I joined Yabonga in 2005 and I trained there for four months. I became a peer educator, then got promoted to Youth Councellor because I am passionate about children. Also in 2007 I became a Team Leader at Kyasa Clini in Khayelitsha. I like my job very much. I am reliable and committed to my job to be part of Yabonga. I’m glad and lucky to have brothers and sisters there. I do like to do exercise. I have a boyfriend happy in my realationship. My CD4 count is now is 677. I’m happy for that because the viral load is undetectable. I’m still working for Yabonga as  a Team Leader.

Go for VCT

It’s the right thing to do

You can live a life longer than ever.