Faghmeda Miller inspires at Positive Heroes’ Website Launch


On the 19 June 2008, Positive Heroes launched this website, developed by LightSpeed, at The Loft in Cape Town. Faghmeda Miller, a Positive Hero, spoke at the event:


If you can survive the first few minutes of sheer shock of realization of your HIV status, you are already a HERO!!!


Overcoming the first part was for most of us the toughest journey, slowloy you realised that HIV is not a death sentence, instead it is an excuse to live life to the fullest, making use of every moment of your life, doing what others always put off, saying “I’ll do “it” next week/year etc”
Life does not end when diagnosed with HIV, indeed there is life, there is hope!!!


The best way to overcome and survive our “friend” HIV, is to educate oneself about it, how to manage it, and how to live positively and healthily with it.


Also, give the virus it’s own place in your life, and do not let your life revolve around it!!!!!!!
Today we stand before you as Heroes, but in my heart, the true Heroes are the one’s who cannot speak out, who cannot be open, brave and strong to do what we do, therefore I hope this website would help and encourage them to come and stand next to us, breaking the silence around HIV forever!!!


And to say proudly, WE ARE ALL “POSITIVE HEROES”
Thank you”


Speech by Faghmeda Miller