Easter Happenings …. part 2: Surfing at sea and on land








Good Friday saw us at Muizenberg learning to surf with Isiqualo (http://www.isiqalo.org), an amazing young NGO that teaches at-risk youth how to value themselves and others utilising the support, team work, self esteem and self belief that surfing requires.  One of the main issues they focus on is HIV – especially stigma – and the damage it can do to people.  It was wonderful to see the adults learn something new from the youngsters, and see the respect in the young surfers faces as they listened to the adults describe the challenges they have overcome; as they live with HIV.

Thanks to Knead Muizenberg for our picnic lunch …. surfing is hungry work.


Marathon day dawned cold and miserable.  Luckily the team were able to stride out in fresh, beautifully branded kit – thanks to Richard Westoby and Stephen Edwards who kindly donated funds to cover the running gear.

Evelina, Masibulele, Kenneth, Barbara and Willie all finished in good time and great spirits. Made even brighter because they knew warm baths awaited them at the Southern Sun Waterfront – courtesy Jeff Rosenberg and his team, who jumped in at the 11th hour to save us from having to camp in the deluge.  Thanks Jeanne and Anthea at New Balance: whose 50% discount stretched our money even further. And to Carole Brown and Pick n Pay whose generous vouchers help keep the team nourished.


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